You can estimate the costs of your personal future Fire Igloo with this calculator.

As said, this will give you an estimation only and an employee will visit you to check all details.

Give your details to estimate your Fire Igloo.

The values given here are only meant to be estimates, so in the end you will know what your personal Fire Igloo may cost.

You do not need to specify angles, bay windows, canopies or the like, the basic size is enough.

An employee will plan your personal Fire Igloo with you.

How many mats do you approximately need?

Based on your estimates we will now calculate the number of mats you will probably need, and we will look at what they might weigh.

Every mat has 3x7 sq ft, with a weight of approx. 6 kg.

We will calculate an overlapping to better protect your house.

The price - estimation

Attention: this is only an estimated price based on your inputs. 

An employee will plan your personal Fire Igloo with you, and for this he will make an exact calculation at your place.