Our passion is to protect your home, your keepsakes, your purpose in life - All The Things You Love!

We are passionate about what we do

Fire protection is not simply a job to us, it is rather a passion.  Keeping our products at the highest and latest technology level is therefore self-evident and needs no further discussion.
We primarily focus on the areas of fire protection with regard to civil protection and disaster control. Though, our solutions are also appropriate regarding industrial applications

Field Test Result:
1,832°degrees F outside, temp. increase inside only 4 degrees

Environmental Factors & Climate Change

Climate change causes increased incidents of forest and wild fires. The picture above shows you burned acres within the last years.

It becomes more dramatic reading the statistics of property losses within the last 15 years. Approx 90.000 properties burned down at the west coast of USA, increased by 72% of losses from 2015 onwards compared with the years before.


Large-scale fires, such as the Carr fire in Shasta, California in 2018, which destroyed 1,079 residences, 22 commercial structures and 503 outbuildings, further 279 buildings were damaged, will occure more recently – we are at the beginning of a GIGA Fire Century!


The Company

 Fire protection is a key factor in our society, the protection of life, goods and the environment is our overall mission. 

Designed in our headquarter based in Germany, we spread out our Fire Igloo to all residences all over the wolrd, to make your place a bit more secure against wildfire damages.


Fire Fighters unfortunately are also at times not immediately present at the spot, respectively understaffed. Therefore we will establish our own services helping you dealing with the fire in your area, when it will occur. Our trained staff will be close to you supporting to protect what you love.






Our product

Our Fire Igloo, build with a number of seperated mats, are able to offer protection against fire sparks, immediate firing, thermal radiation and against spontaneous self-ignition.

As fires usually occur in low water level regions, FIRE IGLOO has developed a special concept in order to protect property and various other goods against large-scale fires in such areas. In these scenarios, our patented fire protection mats may be used in a preventive manner.    

Our products are especially suitable for the protection of homes and other buildings, which are located on areas with high risk of forest fires. Individual appliances, such as cars & trucks are available with seperate mats.