Fire Igloo - to protect your property

Fire protection is a key factor in our society, the protection of life, goods and the environment is our overall mission. Our fire protection mat will protect independently from the availability of water and hence has proven itself especially in cases of large-scale fires, such as the Carr fire in Shasta, California in 2018, which destroyed 1,079 residences, 22 commercial structures and 503 outbuildings, further 279 buildings were damaged.

Our mats are able to offer protection against fire sparks, immediate firing, thermal radiation and against spontaneous self-ignition.


Our products are especially suitable for the protection of homes and other buildings, which are located on areas with high risk of forest fires. Individual appliances, such as cars, trucks etc. are available upon request.


How to handle a Fire Igloo?

In a first step, the roof will be protected with the mats, carried by the roof structure itself. The mats will be combined with carabiner. The mats are designed for overlapping with ~25%, so that there is no gap in between. With the flexibility of our mats we are able to cover all building geometries.  

With the next step you will be able to install the mats at the walls around the house, doors and windows could be left open.

Finally close the windows and doors, when you left the house for evacuation. Since then, it is fully protected against the fire, even when it’s windy. Other than a foil there is no need to be afraid of mechanical damages. Our mats are resistant!


Our innovations are not soley for private use, but also applicable for a systematic fire protection within the industrial area.  The consequences of a fire might lead to long lasting losses of production resp. damages in the supply chain.  Individual dimensions will be considered, upon the individual needs.