Made in Germany ensures best quality standards for our customers

A mat to protect all the things you love – this idea rose about twelve years ago. The founder Wolfgang Kleff took a long ride to find a workable solution. The German man was well aware of the complicated situation, because the infrastruture of water and electricity is not always stable in case of a wildfire. Another thing is to protect the properties without heavy machines like cranes. 

Just a few hours of people are required to install the Fire Igloo today. 

After concept freeze he started his journey, looking for industrial partners and capital. Several StartUp awards and TV-Shows were interested in his idea. Finally in 2016 he visited the  exhibition for fire protection and fire fighting in Indianapolis.

After the exhibition a stroke forced Wolfgang to stop his activities for a while. He survived, recovered after years. “I’m not able to attack the market and to lead the company anymore.”

Today the company has a Co-Owner, dealing with the industrial aspects. Next to him an expirienced CEO, Mr. Michael Bartels, is established. “We will produce the Fire Igloo in Germany, very close to Hamburg. With high quality & industrial standards and well known partners it is the best solution we can use for the next years”, he explained.

For all other aspects we found several companies in the regions of wildfire risks, like in the United States of America. Local partner are our faces to the customers, supporting them in all aspects.

Wolfgang Kleff @ Indianapolis (middle) with his exhibition team.  

Our products are especially suitable for the protection of homes and other buildings, which are located on areas with high risk of forest fires. Individual appliances, such as cars, trucks etc. are available upon request.


Fire Buyer Award 2017

At international stage Wolfgang Kleff reached this award as Newcomer of the year 2017. The Fire Igloo has been recognized as trustful and practical technology for property

Forbes Award

In November 2016 Wolfgang Kleff traveled to Austria. With his fire protection mats he was nominated for the Forbis award in Wien. The result was place 15

StartUp Award of North-East Germany

The Fire Igloo GmbH receives the 9th place of the Start-Up award of north-eastern Germany in 2016. The new technical solution & prototypes presented impressed the jury.