Verisk 2021 wildfire risk analysis provides updated data on rising threat

Widespread drought is fueling another active year for wildfires in the United States, with elevated risk in the most vulnerable states, particularly California. October 13, 2021Published by Verisk,  Dr. Arindam Samanta The 2021 wildfire season has already become notable for its far-reaching effects. Hazy skies as far away as the East Coast and smoke affecting […]

Massive wildfires in California and Oregon

Massive wildfires continued to burn in Oregon and California, feeding on fuels dried by prolonged drought and weather conditions that promoted their spread: Low humidity, warm temperatures, and gusty winds. August 2, 2021 Published by VERISK,  Dr. Arindam Samanta, Alina Schulz The widespread activity across the West has already made for a severe wildfire season. The Bootleg […]

Preparing for a growing peril: The age of the ‘gigafire’ has begun

As dramatic as the statistics surrounding the 2020 wildfire season were, the messages they carry and the questions they raise are even more critical to hear, and to address, both immediately and in the future. Februrary 18, 2021 Published by VERISK,   Dr. Arindam Samanta The record-setting statistics from 2020 serve as compelling evidence of the […]