The Fire Igloo

2.000,00 $

Initial payment for your order of fire igloo. Advance payment, Will be credited against the final price.

Delivery time: 6 - 12 month

We need your estimation...


Our fire protection mat will protect independently from the availability of water and hence has proven itself especially in cases of large-scale fires!

Our mats are able to offer protection against fire sparks, immediate firing, thermal radiation and against spontaneous self-ignition.

Be one of the first users in the list to get your fire igloo delivered.


  • Just book your Fire Igloo and get listed as our customer.
  • Our local partner will visit you to clarify your individual needs, calculate the number of mats for your property.
  • Final calculation made while checking your request, you will get a quote afterwards with full details.
  • Each mat has a size of 7ft x 3ft, respect 25% for overlapping.
  • The geometry of your property has a direct impact to the required number of mats.
  • The final price for your Fire Igloo is calculated by nbr. of mats, each mat is rated with $175.00 excl. import and local tax to your area.


Your individual raw material order, production and shipping time is currently calculated with 6 -12 months.


The process to receive your Fire Igloo:

  • Make your order.
  • A local partner will contact you as soon as your area is available, we start our marketing in California.
  • Together with you, the local partner calculate your required number of mats.
  • Receive your quote for an individual Fire Igloo. The Service Fee will be refunded in case of your final order.


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